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VCCS01B   VCCS - Ladesteuerung (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - У΀¿равление процессом зарядки (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - Latauksen ohjaus (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - Laddningsstyrning (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Comando de recarga (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - 충전 제어 장치(슬레이브) (18A21) VCCS - Управление на заряда (подчинен модул) (18A21) VCCS - Έλεγχος φόρτισης (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - Charge control (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Gestione della ricarica (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Gestion de la charge (esclave) (18A21) VCCS - Töltésvezérlés (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Control de carga de la batería (esclavo) (18A21) VCCS - 充电控制(从属单元) (18A21) VCCS - Řízení nabíjení (podřízený uzel) (18A21) VCCS - Upravljanje punjenjem (slave) (18A21) VCCS - 充電コントロール(スレーブ) (18A21) VCCS - Krmiljenje polnjenja (podrejeno) (18A21) VCCS - Sterowanie ładowaniem (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Ladestyring (slave) (18A21) VCCS - Comandă alimentare (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - Şarj kumandası (Slave) (18A21) VCCS - Oplaadregeling (slave) (18A21)
000001 Dummy DTC - unused but required for Diogenes export
00F0E2 VCCS No charging possible due to disabled autostart
00F8EF DCCU board overtemperature Warning
00F8F0 DCCU board overtemperature Alarm
01F0E2 VCCS No charging possible due to HVPN problems in DCCU
01F8F0 DCCU DCLink overvoltage
03C9E2 VCCS CAN Bus Off - Hybrid
03F0E2 VCCS Vehicle-side isolation monitoring fails to be switched off
03F8F0 DCCU Contactor neg stuck
04C9E2 VCCS CAN Bus Off - ChargingCAN1
04F8F0 DCCU Contactor pos stuck
05F0E2 VCCS HV DC link voltage at DCCU implausible
05F8F0 DCCU KL30 overvoltage
06F8F2 DCCU KL30 undervoltage
07F8F0 DCCU Overcurrent in charge direction
08F8F0 DCCU Overcurrent in discharge direction
0AF8F0 DCCU CAN timeout
0BF8F0 DCCU Watchdog reset
0CF8F0 DCCU Data inconsistency
0DF8F0 DCCU Contactor coil current not matching the control
0EF8F0 DCCU Current sensor
0FF8F0 DCCU Contactor damaged Alarm
10F8F0 DCCU Reference voltage too high
11F8F2 DCCU Reference voltage too low
12F8F0 DCCU ChargingEnable voltage too high
13F0E2 CAN time out ECU "VCCU"
13F8F2 DCCU ChargingEnable voltage too low
14F0E2 CAN time out ECU "MUX"
14F8F0 DCCU CPU supply voltage out of range
15F0E2 CAN time out ECU "HPC"
15F8F0 DCCU CPU Power Protection flag
16F0E2 CAN time out ECU "AMB"
16F8F2 DCCU ChargingEnable signal is off and closing of the contactors is requested
17F0E2 CAN time out ECU "BMS"
17F8F2 DCCU Contactor drop-out
18F8EF DCCU Contactor off under load
19F0E2 CAN time out ECU "CGW"
19F8EF DCCU No Wakeup Signal
1AF0E2 CAN time out ECU "EDCU"
1AF8F0 DCCU Contactor damaged Warning
1BF0E2 CAN time out ECU "ENM"
1DF0E2 CAN time out ECU "CCVS1_CPC"
1EF0E2 CAN time out ECU "SCA"
1FF0E2 CAN time out ECU "SCH"
20F0E2 CAN time out ECU "ICUC"
21F0E2 CAN time out ECU "VDHR"
22F0E2 CAN time out ECU "DCCU"
23F0E2 VCCS Charging Vehicle Coupler Locking Failed
24F0E2 VCCS Charging Vehicle Coupler Unlocking Failed
25F0EC VCCS Charging Vehicle Coupler Lock Position Changed Unexpectedly
26F0E2 VCCS Contactor Close Preconditions are not met
27F0E2 VCCS Closing Contactors DCCU Response Timeout
28F0E2 VCCS Opening Contactors DCCU Response Timeout
29F0E2 VCCS Welding Check DCCU Response Timeout
2CF0E8 VCCS Control Pilot Duty Cycle Value too high
2CF0E9 VCCS Control Pilot S2U
2DF0E3 VCCS Charging Enable DCCU S2U
2DF0E4 VCCS Charging Enable DCCU S2G
2DF0E5 VCCS Charging Enable DCCU OL
2EF0E3 VCCS Wakeup Signal DCCU S2U
2EF0E4 VCCS Wakeup Signal DCCU S2G
31F0E3 VCCS LED White S2U
31F0E4 VCCS LED White S2G
31F0E5 VCCS LED White OL
32F0E0 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor AC Temperature Limit exceeded
32F0E3 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor AC S2U
32F0E4 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor AC S2G
32F0E5 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor AC OL
33F0E0 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC+ Temperature Limit exceeded
33F0E3 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC+ S2U
33F0E4 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC+ S2G
33F0E5 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC+ OL
34F0E0 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC- Temperature Limit exceeded
34F0E3 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC- S2U
34F0E4 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC- S2G
34F0E5 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor DC- OL
34F0F0 VCCS Inlet Temperature Sensor De-Rating active
35F0E6 VCCS Charging Current exceeds target current
36F0E0 VCCS Movement inhibition failure
37F0E1 VCCS Proximity Pin implausible missing
38F0E2 VCCS EVSE isolation failure
39F0E2 VCCS EVSE emergency shutdown
3AF0F0 VCCS KL30 Overvoltage
3BF0F2 VCCS KL30 Undervoltage
3CF0E3 VCCS Proximity Pin S2U
3CF0E4 VCCS Proximity Pin S2G
3CF0E5 VCCS Proximity Pin OL
3DF0E2 VCCS DCCU Software incompatible
3EF0E2 VCCS EVSE isolation check not valid
3FF0E2 VCCS Desired power signal not available
40F0E2 VCCS Voltage Polarity
41F0E2 VCCS No valid Contract Certificate Chain
42F0E2 VCCS No valid Contract Certificate Private Key
43F0E2 VCCS No valid Provisioning Certificate
44F0E2 VCCS No valid Provisioning Certificate Private Key
45F0E2 VCCS No valid Root Certificate
46F0E2 VCCS Invalid EVSE Signature
47F0E2 VCCS Supported App Negotiation failed
48F0E2 VCCS EVSE Power Switch open failed
49F0E2 VCCS No valid DateTime available
4AF0E2 VCCS No valid Required Energy Amount available
4BF0E2 VCCS Hv Ready fails during charging process
4CF0E2 VCCS Required voltage not reached during pre charge
4DF0E2 VCCS Stop Charging Button S2U
4EF0E2 VCCS Proximity Pin Value mismatch
4FF0E2 VCCS Control Pilot did not reach expected state after wakeup request
50F0E2 VCCS Connection to EVSE lost due to internal failure
51F0E2 VCCS Connection to EVSE lost due to external failure
52F0E2 VCCS TLS Server certificate invalid
53F0E2 VCCS TLS Server certificate did not pass OCSP
54F0E2 VCCS TLS Server certificates CA unknown
55F0E2 VCCS TLS Server terminated the connection unexpectedly
58F0E2 VCCS Contactor Damage Counter implausible
59F0E2 VCCS EVSE proposes too many charging pauses
5AF0E2 VCCS Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication wrong parameter configuration
5BF0E2 VCCS Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication error code received
5DF0E0 VCCS Too high coupler contact resistance
5EF0E2 VCCS Internal Reset
5FF0E2 VCCS Vehicle moving with locked coupler
F6C8E3 VCCS HV DC link overvoltage DCCU
F6C8E4 VCCS HV DC link undervoltage DCCU
F7C8E3 VCCS DC plug-in charger overvoltage limiter permanently active
F8C8E2 VCCS HV-enable hardware DCCU implausible on
F9C8E2 VCCS HV-enable hardware DCCU implausible off
FAC8E2 VCCS Internal HV-enable DCCU cannot be set
FBC8E3 VCCS Position Signal Inlet S2U
FBC8E4 VCCS Position Signal Inlet S2G
FBC8E5 VCCS Position Signal Inlet OL
FCC8E4 VCCS H-Bridge Left S2G
FDC8E2 VCCS CAN Bus Off - Debug
FEC8E3 VCCS H-Bridge S2U
FEC8E4 VCCS H-Bridge Right S2G
FFC8E2 VCCS Infrastructure Communication Error